What are Tenfold nail stickers made of? 

Tenfold nail stickers are made of synthetic polyurethane and UV gel, printed using a high tech screen printing process for detail.

How long will Tenfold nail stickers stay on?

Depending on your lifestyle and natural nail health, Tenfold nail stickers last on nails for at least 5 days to two weeks with care. If you are having trouble keeping your Tenfold nails on, examine your application methods and your nails.

  • What if my nails are chipping at the tips?

    Filing excess nail stickers off at an angle can cause "chipping" at the ends", make sure the nail sticker covers the whole nail and file at a perpendicular angle.

  • What if the stickers aren't sticky?

    When removing gel nail stickers from the cellophane backing, take care not to touch the adhesive side. Natural skin oils and moisture will weaken the adhesive. Try using tweezers to remove if this is an issue. Also, nails must be dry before application; wipe nails with rubbing alcohol prior to applying the stickers and allow to dry completely before applying stickers. Do not blow on nails to dry, as that introduces moisture as well. 

  • The stickers are lifting at the bottoms, what do I do?

    Stickers placed too close to the cuticle may lift at the bottom, make sure stickers are placed just above to ensure an even hold. Extra nail stickers are provided for practice and replacement if necessary.

  • How do I make sure my Tenfold manicure will last?

    After applying your Tenfold nail stickers (and a topcoat, if you like!) avoid exposure to water, steam, excessive heat, or liquids for an hour or two. You really want the stickers to have time to bond to the nail surface.

What do I need for my Tenfold manicure?

Just a nail file and clean nails! Tenfold manicures are super simple— no drying time, no acetone, no chemicals, no UV lamps. You can also cut off the excess nail strip with a nail clipper, and file until it fits the shape of the nail. If you like, add a top coat to seal it in and add extra gloss, but that’s completely optional. We find that our manicures last the same with/without a topcoat, and the stickers are designed with the exact amount of gloss we like. (Matte nail designs coming soon!)

What nail shapes work best with Tenfold nail stickers?

Tenfold nail stickers come in 24 different sizes to suit most nail shapes, whether they’re wide, narrow, long, or short. Stickers can also be cut to your nail shape and size with regular scissors or a nail clipper. 

How many times can I use my nail stickers?

Once applied to your nail, the sticker should not be used again. Unused stickers in your pack can be used anytime! You can cut them in half and put them on your toes, share a set with your kids, or save some to use as power nails in the future. 

How long can I keep my Tenfold nail stickers? 

Tenfold nail stickers can last a long time if they’re kept in the right conditions, so keep them in a cool, dry area and away from direct sunlight. 

I’m pregnant and/or breastfeeding, are nail stickers safe?

Tenfold Nail Stickers are safe, non-toxic, made with high quality materials, and don’t require any chemicals like acetone to remove or apply. They are to be applied to the nail surface, and not to the skin. As the body changes, your nail surface and strength may change as well. Consult with your medical professional prior to use and monitor any adverse reactions.

Do you test on animals?

We do not test on animals, our products are cruelty-free. 

    How do you apply nail stickers?

    tl;dr version: peel, stick, file. 

    Choose a strip that fits your nail width, and then place it at the bottom of the nail bed. Press and smooth the strip down from the bottom to the top of the nail, then from side to side. Using the nail file, remove excess by holding the file straight against the tip of the nail, then file in a downward direction. You can also cut stickers to a more exact length using a nail clipper, filing away excess afterwards.

    How long will it take to apply a full set?

    About 10 minutes or less if you have the right tools!

    Can I get my nails wet afterwards?

    Yes, but we recommend waiting about an hour before wetting or washing hands to allow the adhesive to bond. 

    Can I go swimming with my nail stickers?

    Yes! Tenfold nail stickers are waterproof. But do note that if you plan to submerge your hands for prolonged periods of time that your Tenfold manicure will not last as long. Just like regular polish manicures, prolonged contact with water can cause fading and chipping or accidental removal.

    How do I take my nail stickers off?

    Removal is simple and requires no chemicals or acetone. Just peel slowly and gently, starting from the bottom of the nail.

    My nails look a little dry underneath, what is this?

    Nail stickers should come right off without residue. The nail underneath should look clean and smooth when removed. If you experience dryness, chipping, or peeling of your natural nail, please discontinue use and address any underlying health concerns with your medical professional. Buffing the surface of the nail also creates a smooth surface for the nail stickers. The use of cuticle oil, nail and hair supplements, and nourishing nail treatments in between manicures will help maintain a healthy, natural nail— aka, the perfect canvas for your favorite Tenfold designs. 

    Where are Tenfold Nail Stickers made?

    Tenfold Nail stickers are designed in Los Angeles and made in South Korea, the land of amazing skin care, innovative beauty, and the latest in nail tech.

    Who owns Tenfold?

    Tenfold Beauty LLC is owned by Celeste Perez and Krystle Ongjanco. Both are Filipino-American. Tenfold is an equal opportunity company and committed to diversity.