Before these crazy times, we loved getting our nails done. Special occasions, important meetings, and life's big moments were all commemorated by a special manicure with beautiful nail art. Our last manicures stayed on for weeks before we could bear to take them off.

We commiserated over the state of our sad nails, and realized how important our manicures were to our self-care routines. Nail care is self-care. Nail art is a form of self-expression. 

Have you ever gotten a compliment on your manicure? That's the feeling we're going for—x 10.

We want to be able to recreate this joyful experience at home, and make it easy for those of us who can't even paint our right hands a solid color. 

We wonder, who'll wear our designs? What amazing things will their hands do? What's their story? We believe these manis are going places— wherever you're headed, they're going too. 


best wishes x 10,

Celeste + Krystle




Tenfold Founders


Tenfold founders Celeste Perez and Krystle Ongjanco are cousins with big ideas and the hustle to bring them to life. Celeste, branding designer, is a graduate of USC and the CEO of Dewdrop, Inc. and Krystle, marketing guru, is a graduate of UCLA, and has worked with major tech companies and brands.

Both are proudly Filipino-American.